Hi Samsonites,

We are back, and looking to continue this storyline of Suzy Samson’s adventures each week with a new strip. I have been working on developing a comic book of some of Suzy Samson’s other adventures and we are shooting to have that as a Con exclusive in the fall. So keep an eye out for updates on that and hopefully we will have some preview pages from the book in the coming months.

Also, you can follow Suzy Samson on twitter now. I have no idea what she will be posting, but I do know that she will be posting daily about her thoughts and adventures, so give her a follow.

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who came out the SC Comicon last weekend. We had a great time. And we will be posting some pictures from the con Wed. and sharing our progress on the Suzy Samson cosplay. Special thanks goes out to Breanna Beck for all the work she’s put into the costume and for being a great Suzy Samson. I hope she gets the chance to play the role more often in the future.

I hope you all enjoy this week’s strip. Machine Gun Melody is always a blast to write especially her monologues. Of all of Suzy’s villains I think her rants and monologues are the best, but I could be biased and just using her as a mouth piece for my more radical ideas. 🙂

Stay strong,

– Anthony Summey