Hi Samsonite,

Machinegun Melody as finally wrapped up her rant on the banking system, and Suzy Samson will be in action in the majority of the upcoming strips. I was doing a lot of world building in these first 18 strips but soon we’ll have the action that you have been waiting for.

I hope you all have enjoyed Machinegun Melody and her guerrilla scouts, whether or not you agree with her assessment of our current financial system. I wanted there to be a different reason than just a straight bank robbery for super villain to be attacking Stu’s bank. The more I did research about banking, the more insane some of the things we take on faith are in our current monetary system. I always encourage my readers to research these things on their own and come to their own conclusions about the validity of it. But it is the current system we are under and I think everyone should study it to have a more in depth understanding of how money works and is created in this nation. Until next time…

Stay Strong,

-Anthony Summey