Hi Samsonites,

I guess you noticed Suzy Samson as gone all “Suggested for Mature Readers” on us. Well, Suzy Samson was always meant to be a way for me to deal with some of the things going on in my own personal life, and not all of those things are necessarily suitable for younger readers. Though I do love how you can simply imply things in comics and let the reader fill in the story. A good sequential artist doesn’t have to show you the more seedy details, but they can imply them and let your mind fill in the rest. My story telling preference, when it comes to horror and sex, is to imply more than show. No matter how talented I am I can never draw the wide  range or detail that you, the reader, will fill in for me. So though I am implying something, you, the reader, are the one  making it happen. You know she could just be polishing his shoes (man that sounds like a bad euphemism).

– Anthony Summey