Hi Samosonites,

This week we reintroduce Machine Gun Melody. She is one of my favorite characters, and you guys may remember her from the first draft of Suzy Samson strips I posted. I am incorporating elements of that draft into this final version. Melody is a lot of fun to write because she makes for a good filter to utilize to express some of my discontent with how some things are set up in our society. Just note that I do not advocate taking up arms and storming the banks. I prefer and hope for a peaceful revolution to change our society for the better, before we lapse back into more of a feudal system or police state. We just have to remember that government and monetary systems are not set in stone, but are human constructs that we’ve created to help our societies flourish. And being truly inventions of man they can be re-imagined for the better. I’ll get off my soap box for now, and hope you enjoy this week’s strip.

We should be back to posting on Sundays, from now on. I caught what we affectionately call the “Con Crud,” after I got back in from Heroes Con, and stayed in bed for much of the first half of the week, so that is why the strip is posting a day late. I did enjoy meeting everyone and doing some of the best Con Sketch I’ve done so far at Heroes Con. I’ll be sure to let you know when my next Con appearance will be. Right now we are going over what shows are available and or schedule to determine which ones we’d like to show at in the 2nd half of the years.

– Anthony Summey