Hi Samsonites,

I’ve have been working hard on Suzy Samson’s story over the last few months and believe I’ve hammered out most of the wrinkles. Anyway, I bet you are noticing the format change. I am going back to the single strip format that I used on Delacroix and the Daring. I think it is more manageable for me and my current schedule. Hopefully at some point we will be able to reintroduce color back into Suzy’s stories.

So, where is Suzy Samson? She will be along shortly, well maybe not so shortly, but bare with me. The next few weeks we’ll be working on establishing Suzy Samson’s rogues gallery.

Remember a hero is defined by their foes, but a person is defined by their friends. And I have been blessed to count you all among my friends.

-Anthony Summey