Hi Samsonites,

This week we are doing some world building through Suzy and Jane’s conversation, setting up some things that will be important later on in the strips to come. In particular we introduce Hugh Mann Zee, Attorney at Law. He is one of my favorite concepts for Suzy, and will be playing a much bigger role in story arcs to come, so I’ll keep mum about him for a while to not spoil things for you all. One of the themes that I enjoy about Suzy Samson is how she is able to turn former enemies into friends and allies, that is something I am hoping to explore more in the future.

Anyway, this week we get a few more details about what is going on between Suzy and Stu as they go through their divorce. And has things continue over the next couple of story arcs more of that will be revealed. Yes, much of this will be paralleling my own personal experience. One of the major aspect being that even though Stu is the one who initially wants the divorce, it falls to Suzy to actually work up the settlement agreement and file the divorce papers. For good or ill, I found by taking control of the paper work and writing up the settlement agreement actually helped me feel more in control of what was happening with the divorce, and I am sure Suzy on some level will feel the same way. Also, don’t think because Suzy makes light of the situation and jokes around with Jane that this isn’t tearing her up inside. Her humor is just part of her trying to cope with it all. As we’ll see in future strips, there are a great deal of emotions brewing underneath her smiling facade.

I hope you enjoy this weeks strip.

– Anthony Summey