Hi Samsonites,

This week’s strip may look familiar. I am trying to incorporate some of the original storyline I started here about a year ago, before I truly had Suzy Samson and her world figured out, but  I am trying to improve on what I did before and make it even better. Machinegun Melody will be making her debut next week and Suzy Samson and Girliath will arrive shortly after, so hold on.

This strip is for those of you, who have been through a divorce and know how awkward those conversations are with friends and family. You always try to only say enough to satisfy their curiosity about what went wrong without getting into all the messy details. You always say, “It’s for the best,” whether or not you truly believe it at the time. I cannot count how many times I said those words  during that first year after I moved out, and more often than not it was more for my benefit than theirs. But life keeps moving forward and eventually you realize that new doors have opened and you begin building a new life. Then, that phrase, “It’s all for the best,” starts to feel more and more true each day.

– Anthony Summey