Hi Daring Adventures,

There should be included in the contract a clause or provision outlining how you should be credited in the work. You may also stipulate a penalty if the work is reproduced without proper credit being given to you as the artist. You should require that the credit line be present independent of your artist’s signature. Also if you retain the copyright to your work, you may also request that there is a copyright notice adjacent to the work, and how that notice should appear.

In addition to stipulating how you should be credited, it is common practice for you to receive sample copies of the work to insure that the credit clause was followed and to add to your portfolio. Typically, the number of sample copies requested by an illustrator is around ten but can be negotiated to any number that you and the client agree upon.

You should try and retain the rights to the original art, and include a clause stating when the original art work should be returned and that it should be undamaged. This is common practice, but as the industry moves more toward digitally produced or scanned works, the need to send original art to the client has been greatly reduced. Industry standards are that the artwork should be returned to the illustrator within 30 days of publication.

– Anthony Summey